Challenge Projects

Today we will talk about taking on self-assigned projects and having others follow your journey so that you can be held accountable to succeed… A while ago, I had started on a 3 month Mandarin Chinese journey, but I did not make it all the way to the end, and I would like to explain why.

Whenever you take on a big project like going challenging yourself from knowing very little in Chinese to being able to have a 15 minute conversation in all Chinese, it’s best to give yourself every advantage that you can get. One of the biggest is a support group of others who want to see you succeed and who don’t want to see you fail. When I started that challenge, I had no clue what I was doing, and I definitely did not know how much of a time commitment it would be, but I’m glad for the experience because it taught me so much and it has shaped the decisions that I am making today.Don't sabotage yourself Mandarin long

One of my biggest obstacles that I had to overcome was disbelief in my abilities. In the back of my mind I didn’t really feel like I could actually do it, even though I was already experiencing some success on a small scale. I knew that not being able to believe in myself would affect me negatively not only in language learning, but in all aspects of life, so I decided to take a big look at why my confidence was so low and I began to take a lot of action on improving it


… Now remember not too long ago in the last Live Fluently post, I talked about another blog that I was in the process of creating that has messages that can relate to this blog?


Well, it’s alive and well now, and it’s one of the reasons why I have not been posting so  Live Fluently. But the second and probably even more important reason, is because I am in the process of writing a book that addresses the very problem of overcoming low self-confidence; it is called

Man vs.Mind: Getting Your Inner Voice On Your Side and Becoming The Confident Person That The World Needs You To Be

It chronicles my struggles with low self-confidence, and talks about how to come out of that rut and how doing so actually can help you to become an action taker who follows through on what you say you will do. What I want to do is share an excerpt from the post in which I introduce the book idea as my current challenge project, as I think that it relates well with today’s article…


What is a challenge project?
Essentially it is an activity or project that you assign yourself, to use as a tool to teach you more about an industry or topic that you want to learn about. Also it could be something that you want to work on that could help other people as well.

In life there are no projects or homework assignments given to you on a regular basis, but engaging in these sorts of activities help you to grow immensely! They help you even more so when you assign them to yourself, because by doing so you would having invested time and effort into the process, which makes you more likely to follow through and you’ll have a stronger interest in your project.

What does a challenge project look like?

Behind the scenes of writing a book for those who have never done it before


I’m glad that you asked. I am currently undertaking one right now. I am working on becoming an author (That has a nice ring to it lol), but in all seriousness I am currently working to self-publish a book that I believe will help many other people avoid some of the issues that I faced with having a sense of low self-worth. At the very least, I want to help people realize that they can make improvements and feel valueable when they are surrounded by other people. I have found from my experience and from studying many others that making sure that you have confidence in your own abilities is the first step in living a life of purpose and passion. With that being said the title of the book is:

Man vs. Mind: Getting Your Inner Voice on Your Side and Becoming The Confident person That the World Needs You To Be

In the following podcast episode I talk about how I will take you on a behind the scenes journey through my whole book creation and distribution process. I have never done this before, so I know there’s a lot to learn, and I look forward to taking on the challenge.

How Can You take On A Challenge Project Yourself?
You can start by announcing what your challenge project is right here in the comment section, then after that you do a ton of research, a lot of implementation, take time for introspection and reflection, and also let people know about it so that they can hold you accountable (Commenting will help to make your challenge project more visible to others), having that support group is huge! Many people who don’t mind breaking promises to themselves have issues breaking promises to other people.


What does this mean as far as the Chinese project? I’m sure I will return back to it at a later time, and more disciplined and confident than ever, so much so that I may even surprise myself with the results

As always I look forward to and find your feedback very valuable

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