If you:

1. Want to learn a foreign language but don't know where to start

2. Have had some language learning success but you're still not yet experiencing the types of results that you expected to have at this point

3. Want to not only speak your foreign language on a social level (Such as speaking to friends), but it's also important for you to use your foreign language to advance your career


Live Fluently Is For You


  • It's not (just) about learning new vocabulary
  • It's not (just) about understanding what's being said to you
  • It's not (just) about immersion in the language

It's about communicating effectively and confidently, and I will help you to reach that level

So Who Am I?

Well firstly, I'm honored that you would ask such a question. My name is Semaj Richardson and I am a guy who you may never have suspected to be very introverted because I really like to talk (Ask anyone that knows me well). I see communication as the key to creating the kind of life that you want. Foreign language learning has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I work with people who are cool enough to take the unconventional route to language learning.

People who know that language opens the doors to countless opportunities in life.


Featured on language learning blogs such as Lingholic, Fluent in Mandarin, and a number of other places on the internet, to serving as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Achieving Excellence Toastmasters Club, I spend a lot of my time around foreign languages and working to convey my messages to others in the most effective way possible.


I am fitness enthusiast and a serious fan of Latin dancing. I have a laugh so loud that it causes others to look around, trying to figure out who is laughing so loud (I get it from my Grandpa).


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