Energy Transmission and Clearing the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a cross-cultural concept that is essentially about energy transmission. In a literal sense, to give the Evil Eye is to narrow the eyes into a stare or harden a gaze. As this is deliberately expressed, the giver thinks terrible things about the person they’re directing it towards or intends harm their way. The receiver may be unsuspecting, but the energy directed towards them may still effect them. 

In more of a spiritual sense, the Evil Eye is like casting a spell on someone. Some people believe that any hardship in their life or their family is a result of the Evil Eye. Prevention is most common through emblems like the Greek eye, or the Hamsa. Rather than living in fear, here is a closer look at the Evil Eye and how to “protect” yourself. 

My hamsa from Morocco brings good luck and protection

We know the thoughts we think create our reality and that we are energetic beings. When people say “bad vibes/good vibes” it relates to our feelings experienced and exchanged. If I’m having a terrible day, my thoughts are impacting my body language and behaviors. My feelings are creating a cloud around me that would be noticeable certainly to anyone who knows me. This cloud is how my energy is being temporarily expressed, and it feeds on my negative thoughts. 

Have you noticed when someone is in a bad mood, things that don’t typically annoy them actually make it worse? Or that as you stomp around mad at the world you somehow manage to walk into the corner of a table which escalates your aggression? All of this energy in and around you can be felt by other people who enter your space. They see it, hear it, and think “yikes, what’s up with them?” Some people can easily ignore it, while others have to actively keep people’s feelings from taking over their own. 

Going further, when we’re angry, it’s easy to find something or someone to blame. Energy goes where focus and attention is. So if we find someone to blame, all of our anger, wrath, and aggression has a direction. We might feel better because it’s leaving us, “they deserve it,” and in an hour we’ll move on anyway, but that toxicity is going to land. Blame is an easy way out, a temporary relief. Ever notice that people who are quick to blame are the ones who become more susceptible to permanent bitterness or holding grudges? Blame is something unaddressed, an avoidance, and a refusal to accept. 

This is ultimately how the Evil Eye is born. Fear, hardship, and grief turn into denial, aggression, blame, jealousy, and anger. Blame, to me, is a cousin of jealousy. If not a cousin, I think they have a common ancestor. When I think of the Evil Eye, I imagine a small remote village a few hundred years ago. The latest gossip is that a farmer’s cows are all dead, and it’s probably because his daughter was so beautiful she married the village’s wealthiest suitor. The Evil Eye came from a jealous neighbor with an ugly daughter and unfertilized land. 

The moral of the story is be careful where your aggression goes. It may not kill cows, but it can be harmful to yourself and others when not healthily addressed. This next part how to shield yourself from negativity coming your way. Because when we’re honked at in traffic, get the last muffin the person behind us wanted, or happen to have an impeccable Instagram page showcasing our apparent success and happiness, we become vulnerable to eyes. 


We may or may not feel the negativity given to us. This could be a reason why in some cultures the Evil Eye has been considered a diagnosis that causes mental and physical ailments. If no one knows where depression or skin cancer comes from, a possible explanation is that negativity caught up with them. Anyway, whether we notice it or not, it’s good to clear it.

Nobody wants to attract or be the target of negativity. The Evil Eye is intention. When a giver sends harmful intentions, these intentions are best countered with other intentions. But remember, if you set intentions to have a good day, for example, you aren’t guaranteeing everything will go well. You are setting your inner world to see the outer world with a lens that is more receptive to beauty, kindness, and gratitude. Another person who wants to see you fail or fall isn’t guaranteeing you will, but they’re setting that intention in your direction. 

Boundaries are key here. I make sure to put up boundaries in instances I may be most spiritually vulnerable (during meditation, sleep, etc.). I’ve had other energy enter my sphere before via dreams or shamanic journeys, and it’s important to assert that they may enter only with your consent. Give consent when you know the intentions of the other person.

A good friend of mine felt very strongly during a meditation the energy of a woman she had a conversation with earlier that day. The woman must’ve been thinking about my friend hard enough and trying to connect with her. Apparently the woman seemed nice, but it’s an still invasion. My friend doesn’t know her well enough to be certain about her intentions. 

The best way to know if there is energy around you that is not yours is to check in with yourself. Do a quick scan of how you are feeling, at what point your feelings changed, and if there is good enough reason for the change. Say I leave a public bathroom suddenly feeling really heavy and sad, but I walked in feeling fine and there isn’t a reason to justify this sudden change. I’ve probably absorbed energy from a woman in the stall. We’re constantly exchanging energy with others around us. Notice what is “yours,” and notice when it changes, drains, etc. 

Firm, clear intentions like “I will hold only energy that is mine” can make a big difference. If you are open to inviting other energy or want to share some positive “vibes” between others, still be clear. “I invite the energy of (name the person) only if they have good intentions” or “I invite only energy that is safe for me and beneficial to my higher self.” 

Once you are used to establishing boundaries and regularly checking in with yourself, you may notice yourself feeling lighter. This kind of self-awareness also helps you to monitor when you are casting an Evil Eye on yourself or creating negativity for yourself. It’s amazing what letting go of that extra baggage can do for you. You move easier. 

There are plenty of times when you will forget about intentions and boundaries. I forget a lot! Think of it as a prevention method, so if you forget, you can apply “treatment.” My go-to treatment for negative energy is burning white sage. Some people use crystals or other rituals for clearing too. Sage is just instantly effective for me.

You aren’t going to be surrounded by or internally feeling good energy all the time. The goal isn’t constant positivity. The goal is self-awareness and clearing away anything that is unnecessarily dragging you down or keeping you from living more fluently. 🙂 

Go set yourself up with positive energy and protect yourself from the Evil Eye! Sending you light and love. If you like this page, please share it.

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