Akashic Records: Access Your Soul’s Purpose

The Akashic Records are the archives of your soul. Every life your soul has ever lived, in every dimension is with you in the current life you perceive. There are ways you can remember aspects about these lives. People may choose to access these memories to feel a better sense of purpose in their current life. Many of us probably are not consciously aware of these types of memories. However, there are special instances where we might feel or recognize something, like deja vu, that is familiar without having experienced it in this current life. Stay with me!

This concept is difficult to comprehend, but it shouldn’t be discarded for lack of understanding. Most commonly, the Akashic Records are depicted as a library. The shelves store a book for every lifetime your soul has lived, is living, will live. This metaphor makes the concept a little easier to handle and provides a visual for when you want to try accessing a “book.” Your aisle of books is part of the entire library of every soul. 

How can the Akashic Records help you? 

As I said, a reason why people choose to access their records is to feel a better sense of purpose in this life. Since it is a method for recalling past lives, people can come to understand patterns between the lives their soul has lived, and what they are here to learn. It doesn’t mean all of us are here on some divine quest, but you might find that it can offer explanations to your curiosities. Also, some people find comfort learning about their soul’s “journey” because it gives them a greater sense of who they are. 

Your Akashic Records are kept by your spirit guides, whatever that means or looks like to you. Maybe your animal spirit presents records to you. My beliefs are non-denominational for the most part, but you may feel your records are held by angels, god(s) or goddess(es).

Visually I interpret the records as something between dimensions like in Interstellar when Matthew McConaughey navigated through space-time and pushed a book to fall from his shelf as a message to his daughter. Maybe you feel fragments of the records in synchronistic experiences in your daily life, or maybe your sense of purpose comes from your interpretation of divine guidance/“god’s plan.” Who knows, maybe we all have a Matthew McConaughey peering behind our bookshelves waiting for us to solve formulas for life. 

How do you access the Akashic Records?

I made an appointment to have my records accessed by a trained practitioner. She was phenomenal, and it was an amazing experience. She has counseling/coaching training that weaves the records into your healing processes. I appreciated her guidance in developing a plan for what to do with the information received. I’m pretty picky about spiritual practitioners because I make sure I feel safe enough for them to do work with good intentions. It’s an intimate experience.

It’s good to mix self-exploration with outside guidance. I like having a professional reference while I develop my own spiritual skills. This way, I get a little of everything and can compare for what feels accurate. Self-readings can provide more personal sensations (and sensations=information!), but the other person might offer an interesting perspective.

If you want to explore on your own, the best way to access your records is through meditation. The more experienced you are as a meditator, the clearer the pathway to the records. Meditation trains you to calm and let things come without judgement. These are the exact tools you need to get the most out of a self-reading of the records.

However you choose to access, it’s very important you phrase your questions a specific way. This isn’t a Magic 8 Ball, so avoid ‘yes or no’ questions. You can ask about anything so long as you begin with ‘how,’ ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and sometimes ‘who.’ For example: “What do I need to learn in this lifetime?” “Who from this life have I incarnated with before and why?” “How can I better express myself to my partner and grow our relationship?” Be as broad or specific as you want. 

You always receive exactly what you need in that moment in time. I went into my session expecting to have some hefty stuff to heal from another life leaking into my current one. Turns out, my reading was very pure and it centered around empowering me to pursue writing. I never mentioned to the woman interpreting that I love to write—I was very surprised. Go with an open mind, an open heart, and full of curiosity!

What is a soul? I like to think of the body as a lantern, holder of light and energy

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