Getting Your Sh*t Together

The other night I had one of those future-thinking explosions. It started out as a clear, rational idea in my head and a couple of harmless questions my inner voice of reason answered. Some of my best thinking happens in the shower, so I felt pretty stable. By the time I dried off, I wasContinue reading “Getting Your Sh*t Together”

Find Your Yes, No, and Middle Ground

Decisiveness has been a challenge for me from a young age. I associate it with a kind of confidence, so I often felt incompetent when I couldn’t express exactly what I wanted or needed when presented with a “this or that.” Whenever I was asked my favorite color, I’d say “rainbow.” I think many culturesContinue reading “Find Your Yes, No, and Middle Ground”

Animism, The View of Energy in Everything

Animism is to see life in everything, to feel the pulse in everything. It’s not technically a religion, but it is a belief. Many shamanic cultures hold this belief. Like other beliefs, animism is a lens for perceiving life. Here’s a glance at how this viewpoint can be transformative and change the way we engageContinue reading “Animism, The View of Energy in Everything”

A Full Moon Over Morocco

A man noticed us depart the city bus with bags and baffled looks. My friend and classmate from Leeds, Simon, was immediately gracious for the man’s offer to escort us to our hostel. A feeling that possessed me with the assertiveness of a demon retreated Simon as we headed in the direction of the MedinaContinue reading “A Full Moon Over Morocco”

The High Potential of Cannabis

Society’s view of marijuana has shifted from being a primarily “dangerous drug” to one that’s versatile and with high potential. Puns aside, the growing industry and research has dramatically altered marijuana’s reputation. While this post does not condone the use of marijuana, it emphasizes making informed choices and provides some tips for safe use.  Cannabis,Continue reading “The High Potential of Cannabis”

What You See When You Open Your Third Eye

If you’ve heard of the Third Eye, it usually has to do with intuition, awareness, and heightened perception. So far, you can read about the chakra basics and the throat chakra here, heart here, sacral here, and root here. The Third Eye is located between your eyes, for some a little higher on the forehead.Continue reading “What You See When You Open Your Third Eye”

Can Personal Growth Be Reversed?

So often when we talk about growth it’s about progress. It’s cycles, restarting, letting go, living, learning. But like other life maintenance, what happens when we feel stuck, burnt out, or as though we are reverting back to old ways? Can growth be reversed?  One of the most discouraging experiences for me is when IContinue reading “Can Personal Growth Be Reversed?”

Akashic Records: Access Your Soul’s Purpose

The Akashic Records are the archives of your soul. Every life your soul has ever lived, in every dimension is with you in the current life you perceive. There are ways you can remember aspects about these lives. People may choose to access these memories to feel a better sense of purpose in their currentContinue reading “Akashic Records: Access Your Soul’s Purpose”

Energy Transmission and Clearing the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a cross-cultural concept that is essentially about energy transmission. In a literal sense, to give the Evil Eye is to narrow the eyes into a stare or harden a gaze. As this is deliberately expressed, the giver thinks terrible things about the person they’re directing it towards or intends harm theirContinue reading “Energy Transmission and Clearing the Evil Eye”

Numerology and Codes in Life

I’ve noticed on social media lots of people are discovering and discussing “angel numbers.” Basically, if you notice a pattern or recurring numbers show up in your life, it is your spirit guide, guardian angel, or the universe’s way of contacting you. Each number has it’s own symbolic meaning, and when the single digits combineContinue reading “Numerology and Codes in Life”