Change the World, Be a Better Listener

How many times have you tuned out of a story and snapped back just in time to give an ambiguous response without having heard a word of what was said? What about a miscommunication that could have been avoided had the other person listened to your instructions?  To be a better friend, parent, partner, familyContinue reading “Change the World, Be a Better Listener”

Communication with the Nonliving

While it’s difficult to determine a true ghost story, I am a believer in open minds creating more possibilities. Personally, my fascination with the spirit realm goes a bit deeper than hauntings and tales under a blanket fort. This is because many people have shared stories with me about experiencing someone who is no longerContinue reading “Communication with the Nonliving”

Harmony in Your Home

In three metaphorical floors, your living conditions can feel more liberating. The Basement: The foundation always starts with yourself. Let’s turn on the lights and make this level a livable space.  Something has probably changed for you this year. Adjusting to changes whether they’re good for us or some kind of loss is not easy,Continue reading “Harmony in Your Home”

Mantras, Words to Live By

Mantras are often referred to as the words by which we live. Here, I’ll discuss the significance of mantras and how it can help you, suggest useful mantras, and provide some guidance on creating your own mantra. Like other mindfulness practices and philosophies, mantras have been adopted and adapted by “Western” culture from its ancientContinue reading “Mantras, Words to Live By”

7 Starting Points for Overcoming Fear

Most introductions to topics of fear and stress in psychology use a hypothetical bear scenario to demonstrate our primitive responses for survival: fight, flight, freeze. I’ll spare you the bear and instead cut to the response itself and the repercussions. When faced with something scary or stressful, the bears of your life, your body releasesContinue reading “7 Starting Points for Overcoming Fear”

Mirrors: How Your Relationships Reflect Who You Really Are

If you take a minute to close your eyes, start imagining each of your friends and work colleagues. Then imagine your partner and your ex-partners (I won’t tell them). Think about some of the characteristics they have that really irritate you, and before you get too worked up, think about some of the characteristics thatContinue reading “Mirrors: How Your Relationships Reflect Who You Really Are”

Transform the Way You Connect

One practice that has completely transformed the way I connect and communicate with others, with myself, and with reality is ceremony.  First I will say, I find that although daily practice can be very rewarding, I have often set myself up for failure in declaring that I will do something every day. I’ll use meditationContinue reading “Transform the Way You Connect”

Speaking True by Thinking Blue: Balance Your Throat Chakra Now to Communicate Better

No matter your knowledge on chakras, I got you. Skeptics welcome.  If you aren’t familiar with chakras and want a quick background on their importance and relevance, the next passage is beginner friendly. Otherwise, go deeper by reading on from passage three. How do you know if you need to heal your throat chakra? SomeContinue reading “Speaking True by Thinking Blue: Balance Your Throat Chakra Now to Communicate Better”

Family Dinner in a Time of Social Upheaval: 7 Steps to Success

Your family dinner table has perhaps five or six generations gathered. As you take your seat, it’s hard to settle in when you’re anticipating someone will cross the threshold of small talk into something a little bit deeper. Why can’t you have a real conversation without worrying about reactions, tension, or even ruining relationships? AfterContinue reading “Family Dinner in a Time of Social Upheaval: 7 Steps to Success”