Authenticity: Your Truest Expression

I’m about to throw around a couple of annoying buzzwords, but they really are significant! To be authentic is to be mindful and to speak and act with integrity. It’s when you don’t have to preface your statements with “to be honest…” or drastically change your face when you start/stop talking to someone. Authenticity isContinue reading “Authenticity: Your Truest Expression”

Meeting All of Your Needs

Ensuring that our needs are met may seem like a natural, fundamental practice humans (or all beings, really) do for both quality of life and survival. When I think of needs, I think of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy that presents human motivation. Starting at the bottom, if we meet certain needs, we are better equipped toContinue reading “Meeting All of Your Needs”

Confronting Uncomfortable Topics of Conversation

Uncomfortable topics are, well, uncomfortable. Though everyone has unique triggers, I imagine there are topics of conversation that cause internal (or visible) squirming for many. Some of the named uncomfortable topics in my recent research were money and financial status, politics, mental health, future plans, feelings, and anything that might not be well-versed to theContinue reading “Confronting Uncomfortable Topics of Conversation”

Tarot for Turning Inward

I engage with tarot cards once a month. I don’t see them as a prediction of my future or at all fixed in outcome. Instead, it’s more projection and guidance. I think its important to not use them too frequently or revolve your life around them. In order to understand how they can work forContinue reading “Tarot for Turning Inward”

Your Personal Hints Perfectly in Time

Synchronicity is related to coincidence but with deeper feeling and meaning. You might recognize it as a strong feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Some might equate it to a form of deja vu. It could be the sense that a certain something has been appearing to you frequently. ForContinue reading “Your Personal Hints Perfectly in Time”

A Write Way

Need something to add to your resolutions? Probably not. However if you have some larger goals in place, this tool can break them down to smaller, more attainable aspirations. With all talk about self-awareness, reflection, and connection, how do these things become habits? How do they become what we naturally do in order to applyContinue reading “A Write Way”

May I Ask a Question?

I’ve started to think about the changes I’d like to make for myself in the upcoming year, and something in particular has come up. As a kid I asked A LOT of questions. While this exhausted everybody around me, this was my way of absorbing and processing the world. I wonder at what point IContinue reading “May I Ask a Question?”

Global Winter Light Traditions on the Darkest Days

For the northern hemisphere, (and by the western calendar) December 21 is the shortest, darkest day of the year. It marks the beginning of winter. Because of this, most winter traditions celebrate with light. I like this time of year because people naturally seek balance. To me, it’s about people making the best of aContinue reading “Global Winter Light Traditions on the Darkest Days”

Forgive for Freedom!

Forgiveness tends to be a part of the “spirit of the holidays” that asks you to temporarily put aside differences and appreciate the people in your life. Is this pressure to suppress your feelings a reason why the holidays can be tense?  In addition to being detrimental to interpersonal relationships, harboring grudges is awful forContinue reading “Forgive for Freedom!”