Forgive for Freedom!

Forgiveness tends to be a part of the “spirit of the holidays” that asks you to temporarily put aside differences and appreciate the people in your life. Is this pressure to suppress your feelings a reason why the holidays can be tense?  In addition to being detrimental to interpersonal relationships, harboring grudges is awful forContinue reading “Forgive for Freedom!”

8 Archetypes to Lead a Magical Life

I understand archetypes in a very basic way, as symbols or schemas which are timeless and universal. Although I find C.G. Jung’s ideas and theories to be endlessly fascinating, I don’t agree with everything he stood by. With that said, I also wouldn’t necessarily consider archetypes to be a “healing tool,” but something to considerContinue reading “8 Archetypes to Lead a Magical Life”

Picture This: No More Toxic Thoughts

This is perhaps one of the most effective tips I’ve received for eliminating toxic thoughts, low-self esteem, and self-loathing. A friend of mine from shamanic training shared it and swore by its  results. It’s helpful for those times we’re really hard on ourselves, when we feel hopeless, or when we feel that we can’t seemContinue reading “Picture This: No More Toxic Thoughts”

Boundaries, Build Your Bubble

Establishing boundaries for yourself is to build healthy walls between you and the rest of the world. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in a crowd or drained after an interaction, you will especially benefit from boundaries.    Since we are energetic beings, I imagine some of that energy emanating a bubble around us about asContinue reading “Boundaries, Build Your Bubble”

Change the World, Be a Better Listener

How many times have you tuned out of a story and snapped back just in time to give an ambiguous response without having heard a word of what was said? What about a miscommunication that could have been avoided had the other person listened to your instructions?  To be a better friend, parent, partner, familyContinue reading “Change the World, Be a Better Listener”

Communication with the Nonliving

While it’s difficult to determine a true ghost story, I am a believer in open minds creating more possibilities. Personally, my fascination with the spirit realm goes a bit deeper than hauntings and tales under a blanket fort. This is because many people have shared stories with me about experiencing someone who is no longerContinue reading “Communication with the Nonliving”

Harmony in Your Home

In three metaphorical floors, your living conditions can feel more liberating. The Basement: The foundation always starts with yourself. Let’s turn on the lights and make this level a livable space.  Something has probably changed for you this year. Adjusting to changes whether they’re good for us or some kind of loss is not easy,Continue reading “Harmony in Your Home”

Mantras, Words to Live By

Mantras are often referred to as the words by which we live. Here, I’ll discuss the significance of mantras and how it can help you, suggest useful mantras, and provide some guidance on creating your own mantra. Like other mindfulness practices and philosophies, mantras have been adopted and adapted by “Western” culture from its ancientContinue reading “Mantras, Words to Live By”

7 Starting Points for Overcoming Fear

Most introductions to topics of fear and stress in psychology use a hypothetical bear scenario to demonstrate our primitive responses for survival: fight, flight, freeze. I’ll spare you the bear and instead cut to the response itself and the repercussions. When faced with something scary or stressful, the bears of your life, your body releasesContinue reading “7 Starting Points for Overcoming Fear”