Harmony in Your Home

In three metaphorical floors, your living conditions can feel more liberating. The Basement: The foundation always starts with yourself. Let’s turn on the lights and make this level a livable space.  Something has probably changed for you this year. Adjusting to changes whether they’re good for us or some kind of loss is not easy,Continue reading “Harmony in Your Home”

Mantras, Words to Live By

Mantras are often referred to as the words by which we live. Here, I’ll discuss the significance of mantras and how it can help you, suggest useful mantras, and provide some guidance on creating your own mantra. Like other mindfulness practices and philosophies, mantras have been adopted and adapted by “Western” culture from its ancientContinue reading “Mantras, Words to Live By”

Mirrors: How Your Relationships Reflect Who You Really Are

If you take a minute to close your eyes, start imagining each of your friends and work colleagues. Then imagine your partner and your ex-partners (I won’t tell them). Think about some of the characteristics they have that really irritate you, and before you get too worked up, think about some of the characteristics thatContinue reading “Mirrors: How Your Relationships Reflect Who You Really Are”


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