4 Breathing Techniques For Overall Health

Of course, breathing is for staying alive and calming down. We can train ourselves to breathe through anything, any physical pain or mental challenge. To be acutely aware of your breathing is to tap into your primal life force and exist in an at once present and timeless moment. Breathing techniques can be utilized forContinue reading “4 Breathing Techniques For Overall Health”

An Examination of Our Human Habits

I don’t know why I find human habits, patterns, and routines interesting. It must be because behaviors display the inner workings of others, and I like that. So many people are set on breaking habits or forming new ones, while others are set in their ways with the same habits throughout their lifetime.  Breaking habits,Continue reading “An Examination of Our Human Habits”

What is Shamanism? Wisdom to Apply to Life

Shamanism has been practiced for millennia across the world. Shamans, who have either grown up as apprentices of their shaman elders, or have been to called to the service later without direct ties, undergo an important initiation process. Many will spend however long it takes (days to years) isolated in nature. They are informed ofContinue reading “What is Shamanism? Wisdom to Apply to Life”

Tips for a ‘New You’ and Review

The end of a calendar year is typically chaotic. The indulgence and celebrations make January 1st more appealing for cleansing and starting fresh. It’s for hope, redemption, and resolutions. There are other points in the year that are also optimal opportunities for kick-starting the “new you.” As mentioned in Global Winter Light Traditions, the solsticeContinue reading “Tips for a ‘New You’ and Review”

Why Empty Feelings are Important (Plus Meditations to Try!)

Often, we talk about what fulfills us, what makes us feel whole, and what we do to fill our time. To be full is good and abundant, while to be empty is sad, lacking, and lonely. Is that true for you? This post aims to play with the idea that seeing a glass half fullContinue reading “Why Empty Feelings are Important (Plus Meditations to Try!)”

5 Memorable Books You’ll Finish in a Day

Reading has been an important part of my development from a young age. I love the intimacy and the ability to teleport realities. It has enriched the way I narrate my own perceived world. Like with poetry and connecting to other art forms, books are among the greatest insight of human experience and life meaning. Continue reading “5 Memorable Books You’ll Finish in a Day”

The Uncertainty of Emerging Adulthood

You know when Britney sang I’m not a girl, not yet a woman? The song felt really relatable as an adolescent, but I’m convinced (and slightly concerned) its relatability has extended. There is a fairly new term that categorizes the age range of 18-25 year-olds called “emerging adults.” The attributes of emerging adults seem toContinue reading “The Uncertainty of Emerging Adulthood”

How to Be Alone: Secrets of Solitude

How do you feel about publicly dining alone? What about traveling alone? Do you spend your alone time in your own company or connecting from a distance? Being alone has a terrible reputation. Despite knowing the difference between alone and lonely, both seem to be accepted as heavy and hollow. It’s fairly common to fearContinue reading “How to Be Alone: Secrets of Solitude”

6 Feel-Good, Hearty Soups (& more!)

When the air starts to chill and the morning frost doesn’t fade, it’s soup season! There is perhaps no better meal that is as nourishing and nurturing as hot soup. It never fails to soothe what ails.  I’ve assembled a list of some of my favorite soups for body, mind, and soul. Plus they’re multicultural!Continue reading “6 Feel-Good, Hearty Soups (& more!)”


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