Confronting Uncomfortable Topics of Conversation

Uncomfortable topics are, well, uncomfortable. Though everyone has unique triggers, I imagine there are topics of conversation that cause internal (or visible) squirming for many. Some of the named uncomfortable topics in my recent research were money and financial status, politics, mental health, future plans, feelings, and anything that might not be well-versed to theContinue reading “Confronting Uncomfortable Topics of Conversation”

A Write Way

Need something to add to your resolutions? Probably not. However if you have some larger goals in place, this tool can break them down to smaller, more attainable aspirations. With all talk about self-awareness, reflection, and connection, how do these things become habits? How do they become what we naturally do in order to applyContinue reading “A Write Way”

Forgive for Freedom!

Forgiveness tends to be a part of the “spirit of the holidays” that asks you to temporarily put aside differences and appreciate the people in your life. Is this pressure to suppress your feelings a reason why the holidays can be tense?  In addition to being detrimental to interpersonal relationships, harboring grudges is awful forContinue reading “Forgive for Freedom!”


If you caught my social media post this week, you saw I began to tell the story of the Trumpeter of Krakow (in a very condensed version). If you missed it, find it below!  In 1241 a young boy aspired to be just like his father. His family was displaced from their home to KrakowContinue reading “Storytelling”


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