Friendship: An Analysis of Our Deep Bonds

This may sound a little weird, but when watching movies or reading books, friendship connections are more exciting and interesting to me than romance. I think a part of me has always desired, even valued friendships more. Instead of fawning over celebrity crushes in my prepubescent years, I’m certain I spent more time imagining whatContinue reading “Friendship: An Analysis of Our Deep Bonds”

Develop Your Own Embodiment and Spirituality

Within the spirituality, or some call it New Age, movement and communities there seems to be push and pull in opposite directions. From what I see in trends, people just discovering spiritual practices, concepts, and ideas have been blown away by transcendence and the potential of their own human consciousness experience. However, it’s difficult toContinue reading “Develop Your Own Embodiment and Spirituality”

Starseeds: Connecting Within and Beyond

If you follow any spiritual-related circles, the odds that you’ve heard of starseeds are pretty high.  The concept may seem strange, but I’m presenting it as an idea that may also expand your scope of possibilities.  So first, do you remember when the idea of aliens was a slightly polarizing topic? People either got behindContinue reading “Starseeds: Connecting Within and Beyond”

Traveling with Fear: An “UnBelizeable” Shift

When I returned from the airport I felt like an alchemist who had turned vulnerability into durability. In four distinct moments, I experienced an epiphany, or received pure benefits of the intimate education that travel gives.  In the first moment I was climbing a massive structure that housed royalty in Mayan civilization. My fear ofContinue reading “Traveling with Fear: An “UnBelizeable” Shift”

Invite a Beginner’s Mind Viewpoint

There are certain archetypes that are supposed to assist in self-healing processes. A common one recently trending within the spirituality niche is the Inner Child. Inner Child meditations may offer the opportunity for you to regress to particular childhood memories, similar to a past life regression. It’s something to care for with love. Like everything inContinue reading “Invite a Beginner’s Mind Viewpoint”

Find Your Yes, No, and Middle Ground

Decisiveness has been a challenge for me from a young age. I associate it with a kind of confidence, so I often felt incompetent when I couldn’t express exactly what I wanted or needed when presented with a “this or that.” Whenever I was asked my favorite color, I’d say “rainbow.” I think many culturesContinue reading “Find Your Yes, No, and Middle Ground”

Animism, The View of Energy in Everything

Animism is to see life in everything, to feel the pulse in everything. It’s not technically a religion, but it is a belief. Many shamanic cultures hold this belief. Like other beliefs, animism is a lens for perceiving life. Here’s a glance at how this viewpoint can be transformative and change the way we engageContinue reading “Animism, The View of Energy in Everything”


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