Tea for Two: On Reality and Perception

We seem to talk about reality in limiting ways. Reality as a constant, as a larger force beyond our control, a life truth. The thing is, reality is all of these things because we create it to be that way. Often, when returning from a vacation or doing something fun we’ll say, “Back to reality!”Continue reading “Tea for Two: On Reality and Perception”

Igniting Inspiration in Burnout

Have you ever experienced burnout? The fire goes out, and you don’t even feel like fanning the embers. This lack of inspiration and motivation is difficult to overcome, although the endeavor feels less like a mountain ahead and more like a ditch to push out from. The slump doesn’t last forever, but if you wantContinue reading “Igniting Inspiration in Burnout”

Picture This: No More Toxic Thoughts

This is perhaps one of the most effective tips I’ve received for eliminating toxic thoughts, low-self esteem, and self-loathing. A friend of mine from shamanic training shared it and swore by its  results. It’s helpful for those times we’re really hard on ourselves, when we feel hopeless, or when we feel that we can’t seemContinue reading “Picture This: No More Toxic Thoughts”