Beneficial Herbs for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Herbs are versatile in purpose. You’re probably accustomed to incorporating them into your cooking for flavor or have used them as a remedy for an ailment. Here I’ve listed some of my favorite herbs and their practical and spiritual uses. Additionally, I’ve incorporated insight from Dr. Eleanor Lawrence, acupuncturist and specialist in Chinese herbal medicine. Continue reading “Beneficial Herbs for Mind, Body, and Spirit”

From Sunrise to Siesta: A Piece of El Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) is a pilgrimage trek towards Santiago de Compostella, a cathedral for St. James in Santiago, Spain. There are numerous ways to get there, most commonly walking or biking vertically from Portugal or across the north of Spain from France. One woman I met began in BelgiumContinue reading “From Sunrise to Siesta: A Piece of El Camino de Santiago”

A Slice of What ‘Wholeness’ Means

‘Wholeness’ is among the growing list I have of words and phases that are thrown around but possibly not deeply discussed nor fully understood. I don’t claim I have a full understanding of wholeness, but here’s a perhaps deeper discussion of it! First, this is what I think people mean when they mention wholeness: SomeContinue reading “A Slice of What ‘Wholeness’ Means”