Develop Your Own Embodiment and Spirituality

Within the spirituality, or some call it New Age, movement and communities there seems to be push and pull in opposite directions. From what I see in trends, people just discovering spiritual practices, concepts, and ideas have been blown away by transcendence and the potential of their own human consciousness experience. However, it’s difficult toContinue reading “Develop Your Own Embodiment and Spirituality”

Animism, The View of Energy in Everything

Animism is to see life in everything, to feel the pulse in everything. It’s not technically a religion, but it is a belief. Many shamanic cultures hold this belief. Like other beliefs, animism is a lens for perceiving life. Here’s a glance at how this viewpoint can be transformative and change the way we engageContinue reading “Animism, The View of Energy in Everything”

Akashic Records: Access Your Soul’s Purpose

The Akashic Records are the archives of your soul. Every life your soul has ever lived, in every dimension is with you in the current life you perceive. There are ways you can remember aspects about these lives. People may choose to access these memories to feel a better sense of purpose in their currentContinue reading “Akashic Records: Access Your Soul’s Purpose”