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Human Awakening

Have you ever had a sensational experience that seemed to transcend your typical state of mind? If yes, no, you’re not sure, this is all for you! It is an amazing, under-discussed topic that is ultimately about the transformation of perception. A wild one, but I know you’re ready.  A little background: These experiences mightContinue reading “Human Awakening”

Trust, An Unsung Gift

Trust is interesting to me because of all of the ways it’s represented. Sometimes it is established clearly and explicitly by giving word or with a contract. It’s also exchanged between bodies like through eye contact, handshakes, pinkie promises, even the perfect execution of a lift as seen in Dirty Dancing. When I think ofContinue reading “Trust, An Unsung Gift”

Attracting and Expressing Love

There are probably thousands of ways to express love. It is a language like any other that holds passion behind it, ambiguity, vulnerability, cliches, all of communicative components. As Oliver Twist eloquently asked, “Where is love?” How do we know it’s all around? It’s in pop songs and poetry, novels and fairytales, dramas and tragedies,Continue reading “Attracting and Expressing Love”

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