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The You-man Being in the World

Self expression…ahh the freedom, possibility and beauty. There are so many ways to express yourself, and they vary from being among company to being in solitude. As a believer in collective consciousness, individuality is fascinating to me. Because people are attracted to different colors, styles, genres, and other people, we see how the human experienceContinue reading “The You-man Being in the World”

When Silence is Too Loud

When silence is too loud one of two things happens, inner peace or turmoil. I often equate silence with stillness maybe because they can be found in the same voids absent of sound or motion. In this sense, I wonder if either can truly be achieved. With the constant vibrations of energy on a planetContinue reading “When Silence is Too Loud”

Ode to Poetry

This is my letter to the World That never wrote to Me— Emily Dickinson April is National Poetry Month! Let’s celebrate! Poetry is beautiful, tragic, raw human emotion. Poetry is power and vulnerability. If you watched the recent US presidential inauguration in January, Amanda Gorman completely captivated the world with her poem “The Hills WeContinue reading “Ode to Poetry”

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